Abby is a native from Houston, Texas who’s love for traveling and food echo her cooking at home for her husband and friends. She has traveled to different countries and cities within the United States which contributed to her knowledge of some of the best restaurants to visit.  Abby indulges in cities like Austin, Miami, and Mexico City above all places to enjoy her loved foods.

Dawn is born from the lovable city of Charleston where food is on everyone’s agenda when visiting. Living everywhere from Florida, Maine, Alabama, to Texas has given her the highest regard for foods from all over. Searching restaurants while in every city visited from kid-friendly to a romantic night with your husband has been on the top of her list.

Who would have thought that meeting at a workplace in 2012 would bring the two of us where we are today. Starting our bond in Houston over coffee, baked goods, and late nights cooking would bring us to where we are today. Shortly after meeting Dawn had to pack up her life and move to The Steele City of Pittsburgh. Little did we know that the universe had other plans for us and knew that we needed to stay together. After visits back and forth and long talks of the future, we knew that we had to start a dream together. Abby had conversations about moving to Pittsburgh for a good year and then they were off.

And here we are…we don’t claim to be experts however, one thing we do know is good food. Since in Pittsburgh we have visited tons of the best places to eat and met some of the greatest people along the way. We are here to share our experiences and our love for food. We hope you enjoy our blog and have fun along the way. Grab a fork and eat up!