Give A Girl A Tomato And She Can Conquer The World”

Tomatoes, peppers, and happiness in a jar oh my! There is really nothing better than finding that perfect salsa to serve when you are hosting a party or should we say fiesta. How many times have you had your salsa so runny that you’re afraid your guest won’t eat it or you are playing roulette trying to cook with a salsa that your family will ask for more of? Fret no more…we have found your light at the end of the tunnel and had the pleasure of sitting down with the creators of Salsa Aguilar.

Jessica and Martin make it so you never want to try another tomato based salsa again. Their combination of peppers, spices, and fresh vegetables make it hard to resist this not just satisfying play on flavors but the visual appeal is beyond words. We could stop there and just tell you to go and buy the product but their process is too interesting for us not to push forward and tell you a little more about this amazing creation. When a salsa offers you three different flavors you should definitely get just that in each, right? Original, Medio, and fuego were presented to us and we were not ready for our tastebuds to do the dance they did. To be honest we were ready to eat every jar right in front of them with no regrets at all. Each had it’s own robust taste that made us keep going back to each one; Original was for those who love flavor but can’t handle the heat, Medio had a little smokey hint which is perfect for cooking, last but not least Fuego which brings the heat without sacrificing flavor and not to mention our favorite.

The great story behind this product is that it is a four generation tradition in Jessica’s home growing up. Jessica knew that she wanted to continue this process and continue she did with her own unique blend and the help of her husband. Preparing all her fresh product the day before to ensure this mom of three has all the right blends ready to go and is set up for success the next day. Jessica and Martin make everything right in the comfort of their home and released Salsa Aguilar in the month of October 2017. The passion behind this salsa makes you want to indulge in all flavors that much more. These two stay active promoting Salsa Aguilar by currently selling in three local locations; one being The Country Store in Venetia which has featured them on their breakfast menu.

So if you want to dazzle guest with some delicious queso or add a bang to family taco night. Run to one of three locations or order online and stock up. Remember to look for the eagle on the jar which was a nod to Jessica’s great- grandfather who worked in the postal service as seen above. Don’t forget to cook with Salsa Aguilar anyway you see fit; we did for our families the same night we sampled and let’s just say….they Grabbed A Fork and Ate Up!

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