Ki Ramen



The days of ramen eaten only by college students and families on a budget are over! This cozy restaurant found in the once industry driven city now turned home for some of the trendiest breweries and restaurants is the place to visit. The noodles are homemade and served with a chicken and pork broth that will cause you to melt in your seat.

We loved the different choices that are offered to add to your already prepared soups. Everything from Enoki mushrooms, cured tofu, Kim chi, and our personal favorite the butter bomb. This is a rotating item so we suggest you visit soon, your taste buds will thank us later. We went with the Shio ramen for one of our bowls that we indulged in, which had crispy pig ears, a nitamago egg, scallions and sesame seeds. Let’s just say if we could have licked the bottom of the bowl without giving off the look of two lions fighting over their meat; we would have been all in.

While your there and think you can handle one of the ramen bowls and a side, go all in and try one of the bao buns. Bao buns are a steamed type bun filled with many types of fillings and is usually used in Chinese culture. Ki ramen offers both a meat and vegetarian style; both are a must have. If I told you we didn’t do both…well we were very clear on how much we are in love with food.

So if you are a chopstick pro or can only operate a fork, we suggest that you pack up that lunch or head down for the weekend to try Ki Ramen. Try something new off the menu and leave your comments to let us know what you thought of your visit there. Till next time guys….grab your fork and eat up!

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